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Welcome to the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society Nottingham Branch Website

We have now finished Wednesday classes for the summer and will start again in September.

Our September Social dance is on 23rd September. 

A list of dances with videos is on the Calendar page. 

See the Calendar page for details and dates of future dances.

Please see the Classes page for information on where we meet. The restart date and programme for the next dancing year will be on the website soon.


Who are we?
A friendly group of people of varying ages and backgrounds who meet on Wednesday evenings in the season to be taught Scottish Country Dancing and/or enjoy social dancing. See Classes for details. We also have Social Dances, mostly at weekends. See Calendar for details.
We are a branch of a society (the RSCDS) with other branches all over the world. 
What is Scottish Country Dancing?
We've posted a few videos on YouTube of our group in action and there is a link to them at the bottom of this page. 
Have a look at  Nottingham Lace - it was written by one of our teachers and is popular all over the world. 
You'll find lots of Scottish Country Dancing on YouTube from competitions to informal dances and even one on a mountain.

Any questions?
If you’d like more information than you can find on the website, please contact Elizabeth
The best way to find out why so many people love Scottish Country Dancing is to come and try it. 

New dancers are always welcome. Please contact Elizabeth

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